„karakt“ is an art word evoking many associations: Character, clarity, directness, unmistakability, timelessness, honesty, self-confidence, value, and a long life.

Behind the label karakt hides a network of experienced professionals from Dresden who pool their knowledge and skills in our karakt products. This gives us maximum flexibility and fuels our creativity.

Each step of the idea through development to the finished karakt- product is largely implemented by hand and only in cooperation with regional partners. This guarantees quality, ease of service and, incidentally, a good conscience.

karakt: Made in Germany.

Before we founded “karakt” at the end of 2011, we lived up to our passion for form, material, light and structure at music and art projects, films and space installations.
Our goal has been, and continues to be:  
Astonishment followed by a smile on the face of the viewer of our creations.


Our design ideas come from daily life and the permanent search for beauty and clarity. They come while cycling, visiting galleries or concerts and even in the bathtub!

„karakt” products have an effect in rooms. They create structure and contribute to a comfortable atmosphere. They are always here – in good times and bad times. They don’t attract attention and go about their business perfectly unobtrusively. With its special design ideas they associate the modern world with our own personal ideas of beauty and security.

To "normal" we are just like Vincent van Gogh and we love flowers!
"Normality is a paved road: It's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it."


The first priority while designing a „karakt“ product is its function.
A lamp’s primary function is to emit pleasant light. A seat should allow you to sit comfortably, and a shelf should support the things it was made for in every layout the user has in mind. You won’t find „karakt“ design as an end in itself.

The second most important things are beauty, sensuality and fun.
Something beautiful and surprising is fun. To us, beauty is always connected with a positive and warm feeling. This pleasant feeling is created by clear forms as well as natural material and natural surfaces. They will be perfectly crafted so that their character and essential qualities will be maintained and emphasized.

Thirdly, our in-depth knowledge and craftsmanship guarantee quality, a long life, stability, reliability and safety of the „karakt" products.


Frequently, our design ideas include unusual materials as well uncommon dimensions and combinations. The high-quality base material is mainly produced in elaborate manual labour to turn into your future "flatmates" after many working hours.
The objects will be manufactured just for you once you have placed your order. Therefore you will have to estimate a delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks. With our products, we are sure that you will own an unusual design. This goes for each single one of our products.