Flame Leuchtobjekt Design Flamme exklusive Design StehleuchteLeuchte Flame, exclusive Stehleuchte, Detail geschwungene FormDesign Leuchtobjekt, exclusiv Design Stehleuchte Flamme


Floor Lamp

The royal blue lampshade with its shining silver insides and the elegantly swung and chromed edges embraces a brightly shining interior in the shape of a flame.
The energy-efficient discharging lamp, integrated into the pedestal, makes for a bright, evenly warm and white light and allows the upper part of the lamp to sparkle and shine: an elegant and airy atmosphere in any room.
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Technical Data 

  • Synthetic material (teflon-coated), Polycarbonate, steel
  • 70 Watt discharging lamp, warm and white (3000 K)
  • System wattage 88 Watt
  • 4600 lm light  
  • 2.06 m high, largest diameter 32 cm
  • Electronic ballast integrated in the pedestal
  • Luminous substance life expectancy: 12 000 hours (50%)
  • Lampshade washable
  • Fire protection classification B 1
  • Weight: 12 kg