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Segmented Luminous Tower

"Rosie" is young and innocent when she arrives at your home. Her new owner has the choice to either leave her in her original state or to design her according to his or her personal preferences.
She is made of perforated drawing paper shaped into a tube.
It is up to her designer which of the 27 segments (3 rows with 9 segments each) are folded inwards and which light effect will be created that way.
Each "Rosie" shines in a different way and therefore becomes an individual, a member of the family. She is illuminated from the inside; alternatively by a dimmable LED or a fast discharging lamp.

The extremely light lampshade is fixed to the light base through a bayonet joint. The base can be made alternatively of black "Star Galaxy" Gabbro similar to Granit, or of "Verde Guatemala", a green-veined marble from India.
This massive base makes "Rosie" impossible to knock over.
In addition we are currently working on a 7 cm high round concrete base that continues the shape of the lampshade all the way to the floor.  
Price on request

Technical Data 

  • Drawing paper (300 g/m²)
  • High grade steel, natural stone
  • 70 Watt discharging lamp (Philips CDM, 3000 K)
  • Or 72 Watt LED, warm and white light (3300 K)
  • Height: 1,72 m; Diameter: 25 cm (lampshade)
  • 41 cm natural stone base
  • Weight: 20 kg