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Clamping Shelf

VIS - the force - the force of gravity is precisely what keeps the shelves securely in any position. To the steel support the 30x26cm large multiplex shelves can be mounted at any height and fixed with a small magnetic wedge. By a rotation each shelf can be either horizontal or inclined by 20 ┬░ to be locked down. Tool is not needed.

This unique shelf shows your gems and collectors' items in an appropriate manner. The adjustable shelves allow the exhibits exactly the space they need for the best effect.

Also available with a non-slip stickers in shoe form with printed name shoes remain safe. Besides these name markings defend the personal shoe pitch against other parking-seeking footwear.

The black powder-coated steel supports are available in any length (up to 6 m). Our standard 2 m and 90 cm high columns with 7 and 4 shelves. The trays are made of multiplex wood coated with melamine resin and with oiled plywood edge.

A 22mm thick, solid steel plate serves as shelf foot and makes the shelf irrefutable. Alternatively, the attachment of the steel hinge support by means of clamping to the wall is possible. Like the shelves, the steel support here can be clamped at any height - even without connection to the floor.

Generally at VIS: The higher the load - the more solid the connection of the shelf elements.

We manufacture to order this shelf handmade in Dresden. Design conceived, developed and manufactured "Made in Germany".

Price on request

Technical Data 

  • Steel (powder coated), Multiplex white, Hard wax oil
  • 2 m or 90 cm high, can be shortened, length available up to 6m
  • Shelf 26 x 30 x 1.8 cm
  • weight
    2 m post: 2,7 kg
    90 cm Support: 1,3 kg
    Steel foot: 13 kg
    Shelf: 1 kg
    Wall steel hinge: 0,5 kg


Price: on request