Service / Warranty

A two-year warranty is offered for the technical parts of the lamps. If anything else doesn’t work as it should, please get in touch with us. We will certainly find a solution.

The lampshades for “Ichi” and “Rosie” are made of natural material. If you move, clean or use them improperly resulting in friction, soiling, drafts and folds, we cannot offer any warranty for this damage.

All KAOX parts consist of untreated cardboard. We don’t want to change this simple natural material by adding any chemicals. Thus KAOX is not protected against humidity, light, dirt, heat and mechanical impact.
We cannot offer a warranty for damages resulting aforementioned influences.

Delivery and Assembly Service
In the state of Saxony we deliver and assemble our luminous objects after arranging a date with the customer, therefore minimizing the risk of transportation damages and making sure that your new "flatmate" can safely work to its full effect.
The delivery service is included in the price. When we arrive you should have chosen the right place for the lamp and you should have an idea about the power supply. We also offer an on-demand Germany-wide delivery and assembly service.

We deliver within the European Union on demand.

Replacement of electrical components and illuminants
LEDs: the high-powered LEDs integrated into the lamps and the specially required electronics are made for a life time use of at least 20 000 to 50 000 hours (equivalent to 13 to 34 years, considering a daily use of 4 hours). A replacement can only be fitted by us or by an expert.

Power Supply of the luminous objects
By default, our lamps are equipped with a three meter gray textile cable with a cord switch and a high quality German Schuko plug.
If you would like to have a different cable color or a different cover material or a flat plug (to plug in behind a cupboard) this is possible without any extra charge.
Please state your requests when placing your order.

Repairs - Maintenance - Problem Removal - Replacement Parts
If there are technical difficulties and questions about the use of our products,
please send an e-mail to:    info ©