Wellpappe Regalsystem 4 Würfel im Set, Matrioschka Systemmodulares Regalsystem aus Wellpappe Übersicht alle Regalmodulemodulares Regalsystem aus Wellpappe, schräge Kanten, ineinander passendWellpappregal KAOX Detail schräge Kanten Wellpappstruktur


modular seating and storage system - corrugated cardboard

Air and paper can handle any weight if arranged accordingly and are quite a looker, too. Our KAOX corrugated cardboard modules are made of untreated paper. They are light, stable and can be infinitely combined. Essential part of the design are the slanted edges, revealing their wavy interior.

No matter the purpose: whether you need a stool or a table, a flexible shelf system or a bar for a party: All that is possible with KAOX for an unbeatable price. By default, none of the modules (with 5cm cardboard wall thickness) come with a backside, and are also usable as a room divider.

The central elements are the modules of the basic cube sets, which fit into each other like matryoshka dolls. A Cuboid set completes the set to a shelf with 9 compartments (103.5 cm x 103.5 cm) and a table/storage box extra. The ‘stool 444’ (which exists also foldable) is extremely well suitable as a seat. Twice its size, the ‘seat chest 4plus4’ comes with sides and a lid so clutter can easily and unobtrusively disappear. We offer 4 versions of CD shelf modules, either as a vertical or horizontal setup.

We love natural simple and honest materials. Thus we deliver all KAOX parts totally untreated and free of any admixtures, reinforcements and built-in components: only cardboard, wood glue and air. Of course you are free to paint KAOX with any color or clear varnish, or to laminate its surface. Please consider that doing so, this will have an effect on the color and feel of your KAOX part.

All material we use for our modular shelving system is “Made in Germany”. In Dresden it is turned by hand into cardboard stools, CD racks or boxes.
You’ll get all the KAOX-elements ready glued and you won’t have to deal with the interpretation of an instruction manual. Hanging KAOX– modules on the wall or from the ceiling as a room divider is easy. Please contact us for proposals. We also offer related accessories.

Our cardboard furniture is unbleached and free of chemical additives, reinforcements, and fittings: Only cardboard, wood glue and air. However, it remains a natural material, the use will leave marks - it will age, just as every living creature. Please treat it accordingly.

The surface of the table 555 can easily be protected by applying a sheet of glass. Sticking 4 small rubber pads underneath the glass makes it immovable.

You can order the KAOX - moduls directly from us. We'd love to make you a special offer.

KAOX is made of cuboids with 4 unique grid measures:
These grid markings/outside measures can be found in each module name.
You can put together every imaginable form using these markings.

Download overview of all KAOX modules

Download grid measures

If you need varying terms we offer a custom service. Do not hesitate to ask us.

KAOX Package 1

KAOX Cardboard Furniture Package 1 gif Animation

7 shelf and seating pieces fit into one parcel of 60cm edge length. Along with packing only about 10kg easy - this basic package includes a seat, a table and five shelf cubes. Almost all of the modules contained in this package are not available individually.

KAOX Wellpappmöbel 2 x Paket 1

KAOX Wellpappmöbel System Paket 1
KAOX Wellpappe Möbel Tisch 555
KAOX Tisch 555
KAOX Wellpapphocker 444, stabiler Design Papphocker
KAOX Papphocker 444
KAOX Wellpappregal Würfel Box 333
KAOX Box 333
KAOX Pappwürfel Regalsystem Box 222
KAOX Box 222
KAOX Pappregal Quader 434 quer
KAOX Regalquader 434
KAOX Wellpappregal Quader 434 hoch
Cuboid 434 upright
KAOX Wellpappregal Quader 323 quer
KAOX Regalquader 323
KAOX Wellpappe Regal Quader 323 hoch
cuboid 323 upright
KAOX Wellpappregal Quader 424 quer
KAOX Regalquader 424
KAOX Wellpappregal Quader 424 hochkant
Cuboid 424 upright
KAOX Wellpappregal Quader 422 quer
KAOX Regalquader 422
KAOX Wellpappregal Quader 422 hoch
Cuboid 422 upright
KAOX Wellpappregal Quader 322 quer
KAOX Regalquader 322
KAOX Wellpappregal Quader 322 hoch
Cuboid 322 upright
KAOX Wellpappe Regal Quader 433 quer
KAOX Regalquader 433
KAOX Wellpappregal Quader 433 hochkant
Quader 433 hoch
KAOX Wellpappe CD Regal 2+2 quer
KAOX CD-Regal 2+2
KAOX Wellpappe CD Regal 3+3 quer
KAOX CD-Regal 3+3
KAOX Wellpapp CD Regal 4+4 quer
KAOX CD-Regal 4+4
KAOX Wellpappregal CD Regal 5+5 quer
KAOX CD-Regal 5+5
KAOX Wellpappregal CD Regal 2+ 2 hochkant
CD 2+2 upright
KAOX Wellpappe CD Regal 3+3 hochkant
CD 3+3 upright
KAOX Wellpappe CD Regal 4 4 hochkant
CD 4+4 upright
KAOX Wellpapp CD Regal 5+5 hochkant
CD 5+5 upright
KAOX Wellpappe Stuhl 444 von hinten
KAOX Stuhl 444
KAOX Wellpappe Stuhl 444 von vorn
KAOX Stuhl 444
KAOX Wellpappe Sitz Truhe 4+4 geschlossen
KAOX Sitztruhe 4+4 mit Deckel
KAOX Wellpappe Sitz Truhe 4+4 offen
KAOX Sitztruhe 4+4 offen
KAOX Wellpapphocker 444 faltbar geschlossen
KAOX Hocker 444 Faltbar (geschlossen)
KAOX Wellpapphocker 444 faltbar flach gelegt
KAOX Hocker 444 Faltbar (flach)
KAOX Wellpapphocker 444 faltbar, fast geschlossen
KAOX Hocker 444 Faltbar (fast geschlossen)


The felt-covered stool looks as if it stands on the sharp edge of the cardboard. However, he does not. As reinforcing 2 mm wide strip of wood is inserted into the corrugated board. Thus, this tip Dancer supports exactly the same load as the simple stool KAOX 444 (up to 150 kg).

The stool is designed so that two of them fit together to form a dice. This saves space and provides a great hiding place for anything that doesn't shall be found.

Its surface is oiled twice inside and outside covered with 3mm Design Felt (100% wool). This provides an even better feeling when sitting and at the same time protects the surface of the cardboard.

By default we offer 6 felt colors: light gray, dark gray, gentian blue, cherry red, fern green and fawn.

Many other colors we offer at a minimum order quantity of 4 stools.

KAOX De Luxe 2 filzbezogene Papphocker ergeben 1 Filzwürfel
2 KAOX Felt stools = 1 felt dice

KAOX foldable

Stool 444 is also offered as a foldable version that won’t require glue. It will be delivered as a flat and stack-able parcel (0.9 x 0.45 x 0.1 m) and can be transformed into a seat or a club table by a Velcro fastening within 8 seconds. It is stackable too and can be shaped into a bar, a pedestal or a temporary stage.
After the event it can be returned into is flat shape and stored or transported to the next event.