modular corrugated cardboard shelf / furniture system for trade fairs, events, product presentations, displays or home / office

Design furniture from corrugated cardboard?

Air and paper can withstand almost any weight when correctly arranged, and can also cut a good figure. Our KAOX corrugated cardboard furniture is made of untreated paper, is light, stable and can be combined endlessly. An essential part of the design are the bevelled edges, which reveal the wavy inner life of the corrugated cardboard furniture.

If you look closely, you will see that the corrugated cardboard layers at KAOX are not arranged flat as usual. Rather, they stand upright. This makes this corrugated board composite super stable and you get the wonderful depth effect of the corrugated board structure all around.


Shelf, stool, chair, table – all made of corrugated board

Whether you want to sit on a cardboard stool, need a table, want to build a counter for a trade fair or a flexible shelving system: with the KAOX cardboard furniture system, all this is possible.

All individual modules with a corrugated cardboard thickness of 5 cm do not have a back as standard, so they can also function as room dividers.


Cardboard stool – stable, comfortable and not in a cheap packaging box design

The 444 stools are ideal seats. The seat chest 4+4 is twice as wide as a stool, has side walls and a lid. So something can „disappear“ inconspicuously there.
There are 4 variants of CD shelf modules for storing the longboard or horizontally for CDs.


Material for the furniture system: corrugated cardboard

Our love is for natural, simple and honest recycled material. Therefore, all KAOX components are available completely untreated and free of additives, reinforcements and fixtures: only cardboard, cold glue and air. Of course, you are free to print, paint, varnish, cover with foil or impregnate KAOX with e.g. hard wax oil to create your very own personal corrugated board objects.

A fire protection finish (B1) of the corrugated board furniture would be technically possible, but is not in the sense of a natural product. Therefore we do not offer this equipment.


Cardboard shelf: Made in Germany

All materials for our modular shelving system are manufactured in Germany and are assembled by hand in Dresden to form corrugated cardboard stools, CD shelves or boxes.


Corrugated cardboard furniture in individual parts with assembly instructions?

You will receive all KAOX corrugated board shelving elements fully glued and do not have to bother with interpreting assembly instructions. They can be easily hung on the wall or from the ceiling as room dividers. We will be happy to make suggestions.


Surface of the cardboard furniture modules

300 g/m² strong, tear-resistant, natural brown kraft liner forms the outer finish of the corrugated board material for our furniture components. If some water drips on it, you can carefully wipe it off – but do not rub it.

We do not recommend that the corrugated cardboard furniture be left in a damp environment.

The surface of the KAOX table 555 can be easily protected by a glass plate. Equipped with rubber stoppers on the underside, it rests firmly and resists even the bread knife. You can get such a glass plate from your trusted glazier.


Special designs according to customer requirements

You need other dimensions, shapes or a straight edge? Your corrugated board furniture for shop windows, exhibition stand or display should be foldable / pluggable and thus space-saving to transport and store? You want to embellish the surface with screen printing? The cover paper should be white? No problem. We will gladly make you an offer: Inquiry

You can order the KAOX – moduls directly from us. We’d love to make you a special offer.

KAOX is made of cuboids with 4 unique grid measures:
These grid markings/outside measures can be found in each module name.
You can put together every imaginable form using these markings.

Download system-overview of the corrugated cardboard furniture system KAOX

Download module dimensions

If you need varying terms we offer a custom service. Do not hesitate to ask us.

White corrugated cardboard stool or cardboard shelf made of recycled paper
Custom made product: White cardboard stool (45 cm dice, 5 cm wall thickness)
Cardboard shelf Edge comparison: slanted / straight
Edge comparison: slanted / straight


The felt-covered stool looks as if it stands on the sharp edge of the cardboard. However, he does not. As reinforcing 2 mm wide strip of wood is inserted into the corrugated board. Thus, this tip Dancer supports exactly the same load as the simple stool KAOX 444 (up to 150 kg).

The stool is designed so that two of them fit together to form a dice. This saves space and provides a great hiding place for anything that doesn’t shall be found.

Its surface is oiled twice inside and outside covered with 3mm Design Felt (100% wool). This provides an even better feeling when sitting and at the same time protects the surface of the cardboard.

By default we offer 6 felt colors: light gray, dark gray, gentian blue, cherry red, fern green and fawn.

KAOX Wellpapphocker Filzhocker auf der Blickfang Hamburg 2013
KAOX Wellpapphocker mit blauem Schafswollfilz