A foldable cardboard furniture shelf for shop windows, exhibition stand construction and product presentations / displays

On all sorts of occasions relating to a product, the question always arises: Is there a shelving system for my product presentation that can be set up and taken down quickly, takes up little space during transport and storage and looks good on top of that? Maybe even one that doesn’t cause any pangs of conscience if it does have to be disposed of after the event?

We have developed our folding shelving made of corrugated cardboard precisely for such occasions. The cardboard furniture can be stored and transported in a space-saving manner and can be assembled and disassembled in seconds without tools.


Folding shelf material: untreated corrugated cardboard made of recycled paper

From 25 mm thick corrugated cardboard composite panels we build shelf elements which are as light as a feather, stored and transported flat and connected to a shelf box using magnets.

The corrugated cardboard we use is made of 100% German recycled paper and is glued into stable panels in Germany using biodegradable glue.

Our corrugated cardboard folding boxes can be disposed directly into the waste paper container (except for the small magnetic closure).

The corrugated cardboard for our shelf modules is untreated and therefore neither fireproof nor waterproof. This could be changed with a lot of chemicals, but then it would no longer be a natural product.


Cardboard furniture in outdoor use?

Because there are always enquiries about using our corrugated cardboard furniture outdoors: We cannot recommend the use in humid and/or windy environments. Although a few drops of water can be wiped away without damage, the corrugated cardboard shelves will not survive a longer stay in a humid or even rainy environment without damage. At least we cannot guarantee this.


Shelf surface: white and natural brown paper

We use tear-resistant, 300 g/m² heavy kraft paper with a matt white or natural brown surface as the top layer. This kraftliner is also made of recycled material.

The interior of our cardboard furniture is always made of natural beige-grey recycled corrugated cardboard.


Edges of the folding shelf system

The longitudinal edges of the shelving units are uncovered as standard. So every observer can see immediately that no chipboard, solid wood or plastic has been used here, but sustainable corrugated board. Only the short sides, where the shelf module is mounted with the glued-in magnetic closer, are closed.

On request, we can also close the long edges. However, we only offer this special design from a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces per module size. Unlike wood, a clean edge is difficult to attach to the very airy corrugated cardboard… 🙂


Sizes and weights of the folding shelves – cardboard furniture modules

Typical internal dimensions of a shelf module are e.g. 40 x 40 cm or 29.5 x 29.5 cm – i.e. outside 45 x 45 cm and 34.5 x 34.5 cm.The two furniture depths we produce are 24 cm and 34.5 cm.

In addition to square folding shelf elements, cuboids twice as wide complete the shelf system – but only for the smaller format (outside 34.5 cm high).

Our shelf elements weigh between 0.9 and 1.8 kg.


Accessories and stability of the corrugated board shelf

To assemble a flat-lying folding shelf element, hold it in the air, turn the interior outwards and the two pairs of embedded magnets connect it to a shelf box – that’s it.

FOX divider elements bring additional stability in the transverse direction into the corrugated cardboard shelf. These elements are corrugated board panels that fit exactly into the shelf and are simply clamped into the 45° mitres when the shelf element is assembled.

In addition to the stability in transverse direction, these partitions – as the name suggests – also have the function of a divider. Whether clamped at the very end of the shelf box as a back wall or somewhere inside the shelf element as a space divider, the user can adjust the depth of the shelving unit to any depth. If only half the depth is clamped in, two shelf modules can be connected or a lid or table top can be attached.

When designing a corrugated board shelf, it is important to bear in mind its light weight. The easiest and safest way to place it is on a wall.

A corrugated board shelf becomes more stable the more it is loaded. If a high folding shelving unit is placed in the middle of the room without any anchoring, just one bump of a visitor can be enough to make it sway…


Production and shipment of the FOX folding shelf

We have no furniture storage. All corrugated cardboard furniture is only made to order.

Depending on the quantity ordered, we can offer you special sizes or screen printing on the outside of the folding shelves.

Normally we ship the shelf modules flat on a pallet by a forwarding agent.

For more details send an E-mail.


Here you may download an overview of our FOX foldable shelf system.

system overview

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Foldable shelf – system made of corrugated cardboard

faltbares Regal aus Wellpappe, einfacher schneller Aufbau, Magnetverschluss

Foldable shelves: fast and easy set up.

FOX Pappmöbel Faltregal-System: Beispiel für ein Regal aus weißer Wellpappe

Cardboard shelf: tool-less assembly. Image: 10 x FOX Box 443

faltbares Regal aus brauner Recycling Wellpappe

3 x Box 333 + 3 x Box 332 + cuboid 633 + 2 x cuboid 632 + partition 3 + 2 x partition 6

FOX Regal-System: faltbar klappbar Wellpappe: leicht, platzsparend, schnell aufbauen und abbauen, Magnetverschluss

Table / desk: Table 4, Box 333, 2 x 332, 2 x partition 3, lid 3

FOX Faltregal aus Wellpappe geschlossene Fräskante mit Magnetschliesser

Open long side of a shelf unit and closed short side of a flat lying FOX folding shelf with magnetic closing

Faltregal aus Wellpappe, Sondermodell mit geschlossener Kante und Magnetverschluss

Custom model: closed long sides, white corrugated board (minimum order quantity 100 pieces per module size)